This page dedicated to the memory of fellow classmates who have passed on.


Mike Appleman 1975
Gary Bell 8/2013
Tony Cocke 1/2012
Tanya Edmiston 9/1996
Terry Fowler
Roberto Garcia 8/2021
Pam Hale Anderson 5/2016
Denver Howard
Bernie Hudspeth 
Jerry Kiser 3/2019
Maurice Lewallen
Kirk Marshall
Twyla McFall 1/1987
Robin Messner 1/2016
Billy Miller
John Rhodes 11/2017
Pete Richenberg
Mike Rogers 7/2013
Debbie Shelley Macy 10/2018
Lari Stephenson
Terry Thompson
Arthur Tyson 1/2006
Pat Webber 
Tommy Williams
David Wise 6/2012
Fred Woodyard
Kevin Wright 1/2020
Terry Hayes
Gloria Main 1975


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